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The Verbal Surgeon - Let Me Do What I Wanna Do To Ya

I watch you fully dressed observing the curves of your body
You’re a goddess and your figure’s beyond godly
Your movements are like a daydream
Never this badly have I wished I was those denim jeans
Wrapped tight from your ankles to your hips
Toes and nails painted with gloss staining your lips
I know you’ve heard it all before, but I’m not looking for fix
I play it smooth and what I present is what you get
I present the real and I recognize you
A figure that represents beauty girl you’re an idol
There’s no comparison from what my eyes can see
You’re the whole package brains, looks, and personality
You’ve got a glow that I’m attracted to
I’m not like the other cats who are frequently harassing you
Give me a minute of your time
I overheard you say you’ve seen the light
But you ain’t never really seen it shine

From across the room I slowly make my way over
Grab you by the hand whisper in you ear the show’s over
Get you upstairs and toss you on your back
Our sex is like a drug and I wanna make you relapse
Let me help you relax I’ve got you on the edge of your seat
Making your toes curl pulling your hair back
Tell me how you want it, tell me how you like it
Or you could make me guess to increase the excitement
I stay consistent with the strokes and pull your body close
Never in a rush time moves fast lets take it slow
Making it last, it’s hard for you to catch you breath
Kisses from your ankles up your spine and bites around the neck
Your body’s what I caress as our bodies connect
Indulged in the sex making you sweat nonetheless
You’re a hidden gem, you truly are a hidden treasure
No scale exists, your beauty could never be measured