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The Verbal Surgeon - Paths

In all honesty this music is all I've got
So I'm making more moves than the ticking hand on a wrist watch
Everybody stop listen and analyze
My purest thoughts presented to you by the young but wise
A different type of guy I'm unique in character
You can't be yourself so in your life you're facing barriers
It's your internal conflicts that will bury ya
I keep my mind clear cause it's the mind in life that carries ya
Now that that's been said a few chapters we'll skip ahead
There's much to gain and much to lose in the struggle of getting bread
I've come a long way at the end of a long day
I think of all the times when I couldn't find the words to say
What was needed to be said to set the record straight
I'll never bite my tongues again that statement carries extra weight
And my word is truth I have no reason to lie
From the cradle to the grave you have my word until I die

New paths only lead to brighter horizons
If it shines bright at the top then I'm climbing
Until I'm washed out and over exposed by the light
I'm getting closer so I must be doing something right
I stay awake at night alone thinking to myself
Will I make it on my own or acquire help
No matter what against the rain I stand
The worlds an hour glass and in it we're just grains of sand

It's the long climb to the top but everybody tries to reach
At the summit you never know what's there that's why we seek
My thoughts are original I don't hear what you preach
A black sheep separate from the heard I'm above the weak
I walk my own path it took me a while to find it
And like my past my old path has been put behind me
I've weeded out the individuals who used to bring me down
And those who bring trouble whenever they're around
My feet are firmly on the ground some say I'm planted
I'm growing everyday that passes in this spinning planet
A lot of things happen in life without understanding
You don't always deal back the cards that you've been handed
Somebody tell me where I'm going I roam without a destination
If it feels right its a part of the operation
And my word is truth I have no reason to lie
From the cradle to the grave you have my word until I die