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The Verbal Surgeon - Sing A Song

Master villain, I pillage the village, attack like a swarm of gorillas
I'm handling business what is this
Smack a competitor timid
Don't let me reach my limit
Smokin' spinach to the extent you'd think my supply my endless
Too dope, potent what I poke with
Against the ballpoint; shit is hopeless
Poetry in motion, I gotcha open
Enter the stage, I only promise a shallow grave
You better behave
The line's fine between stupidity & being brave
Hammer of Thor, fall and pray to your lord
The style's hot forged, I'm smashing you through the floor
With Valerian steel, I'm striking at will;
Contain incredible skill, I'll leave scars to remind you that it's real
Reality; no motion picture reel
No force in nature can hold me still
The damage you endure time couldn't heal
Flows hot; fresh off the grill

Pure horror; manifestation of your fears projected
You can't reject this, over the tempo step quick
Ahead of the class; progress ahead of schedule
A rebel who's smacking you at a rate you couldn't register
Incomparable, in comparison you're terrible
Barely bearable for playback on stereo's
I'm too modest with this peep the scenario
Double barrel flow; sawed off I'm damaging you
I just write it down as it comes to mind
Close my eyes and find translations of self between the lines
You are not inclined, to comprehend the construction of rhyme
Fine like aged wine, my style's maturing with time
I'm coming for mine so cover your plate
Wide open is the mind state flow and elevate
I regulate at a rapid pace, hit harder than heavyweights
To set the record straight I touch mics and detonate