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The Verbal Surgeon - Stop, Drop, Rock & Roll (Ft. Tugboat)

[Verse 1: The Verbal Surgeon]
Stop drop and rock & roll
Let the music take a hold and never let it let go
You hear my voice coming through hear the echo (echo)
Bringing soul back I'm resurrecting the retro
The raw expression refuses stay silent
Aiming my tracks in the direction of old timers
I want respect from the highest
The original suppliers
The pioneers who've built a culture through the years
Live music for your ears
This is that, souful boom bap, I'm bringing it to you to take it back
My party people where you at, gather round
And let me bless your presence with the essence of my sound
When's the last time that you heard it like this
Soulfully righteous as I proceed I think I might just
Continue to light this and hold it in before I let it out
This is the real you feel it in your soul without a doubt

[Verse 2: Tugboat]
Microphone check, 1, 2, what is this
Verb and Tugboat up in the rock n' roll business
It's evident, the music is the medicine
Stored up in my body like a thousand years of sediment
The regiment is all work a little bit of play
Just praying that we get somewhere for grindin' everyday
I'll never reach the bottom of my canyon
'cause art is never finished it only gets abandoned
You gotta understand, music is my therapy
This is what I do when my friends aren't there for me
The rhythm is the oxygen it beat me to the ground like a trainer in a boxing gym
But then it picked me up, I feel so lifted
Music is the best gift to give, so give it
And hold tight, 'til you can feel it in your soul
And that's left to do is stop, drop, rock & roll
[Verse 3: The Verbal Surgeon]
Stop drop and rock & roll, you know the drill
Coming at you with a subtle tone this isn't overkill
Words I piece together to express my mind
Making music helps me make it through the hardest of times
Scribble down then recite the lines
It's in these moments of self expression when my whole world shines
I'm on that soulful tip, with flows I'm sick
The only cats who aren't nodding their heads are checking the script
Listening to this, I'm calling it Deja Vu
I do for this for myself, but choose to present it to you
Looking for common relation with those who understand
That I do this out of love and love's an occupation
I keep the mic adjacent, that's close to my heart
The style's an art not mastered, but I'm closer than you thought
In the rhythm you're caught, don't resist the temptation
Soul bleeding out the speaker while my music's playing