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The Verbal Surgeon - Sword Play

Cutting lyrical incisions
Splitting your body with heavy division
The verbal surgeon be the wicked mathematician
I’m on a mission so sit back and watch me demonstrate
How the shit I spit is venom and it melts your fucking face
Rip a nigga in half then laugh as I devour him fast
I’m on a war path destroy you make you feel my wrath
My verbal output hits you like heavy decibels
I keep it raw snatching you up like extra terrestrials
Your softer than a vegetable don’t claim to be hard
I see through your facade me and my mean team will smash your squad
I steadily bomb hitting you with explosives
That shatter your frame the explosion’s highly corrosive
Lyrically significant I’m far ahead of the team
Quick to combust like a match touching some spilt gasoline
Never serene you can find me creeping on your scene
The verbal surgeon on the microphone I reign supreme

What promises tomorrow I’ll be the first to let you know
I control your fate you niggas are softer than Dr.Scholls
I’m to raw lyrically I’m ripping you apart
Destroying your thoughts I stalk in the dark eating your heart
Don’t even start cause I’m a lion in this battlefield
The shit you spit on the mic is the farthest thing from real
I recommend you chill before I go and flex my skill
Hit you with verses of steel and let you know the fucking deal
Selfishly wicked lyrical sickness you can’t control me
After I rip this track I guarantee that you will know me
Get used to my face because I’m taking over
The verbal surgeon spitting flames giving niggas the cold shoulder
I’ll make you rollover face down lifeless
Lyrical slaughter Ill show you what the the value of life is
Let me teach you the definition of pain
I shatter your frame I’m insane rearranging your brain