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The Verbal Surgeon - The Bad Vibe (Ft. Danny Dubz)

[Verse 1: The Verbal Surgeon]
It's hard to think when of insanity I'm on the brink
And the ship I've boarded was only given the chance to sink
I've always been different always told I was mental
Years of therapy and prescriptions were mighty influential
Fatherless when I was young that nigga ducked
I'm at the bottom of the barrel and I'm sick of feeling stuck
There's not a living soul I trust at least I'm fucking honest
Unlike the father in my life who couldn't keep a promise
Everything around me I hate it's too fake
I can't suppress the rage there's only so much a man can take
Before my thoughts that I try to contain and manage
Evolve into actions that to myself and others cause damage
But even then I guarantee nothing would change
No matter what happens in life I'm the person to blame
This personal pain is forcing me to hack at a vain
Until I've run out of lives and no longer remain

[Verse 2: Danny Dubz]
Was sick of this life was too young needing different ways
Town pulling me down needed a different place
Thinking if I switch my place I would live a different phase
But the grass ain't greener there it's just a different shade
My whole life I been demonstrating devastation
Popping pills really fucking up my concentration
Depressed mind state suicide contemplating
Thinking I can't pull through, but I gotta make it
Gotta make it can't stop gotta stay focused
I can't think mind blocked cause I stay smoking
Need to take a break gotta let my mind open
But I'll lose my sanity and feel like my minds broken
Nobody can help me but me
It's not the place that'll make me succeed
But my own ambition to start a mission for commission
And get in position and take the chance I was given
[Verse 3: The Verbal Surgeon]
Fuck a pursuit to happiness I'm trying to find my mind
And leave the bullshit behind in this race against time
I read between the lines and I always count my steps
7500 a day realizing my life’s a mess
With stress comes little rest life’s the hardest fucking test
I use my mind to elaborate my thoughts when I'm feeling vexed
It's like a noose around my neck that's slowly getting tight
Getting tighter as I proceed to fight for my life
No matter what you do in the end it fades out to black
The biggest struggle in life is learning to face the facts
I've started to grow because I fully understand
That swallowing the truth is part of becoming a man
As the days pass I feel I'll be alone forever
I can always feel the rain even in the sunny weather
The smiles on my face mask how I feel inside
I'm not emotionless it's just some of my feelings like to hide

[Verse 4: Danny Dubz]
Shit never ends it just turns to the next page
And by the next paragraph I'll feel my chest cave in
Bad conscious is always feeding me persuasion
To go fuck shit up and start hell raising
Was fucked up on pills and living in a liquor bottle
Mind was always banging like an automatic spitting hollows
You try to ditch it but it seems like the shit just follows
Fuck a life living when you can't even expect tomorrow
Balance beaming so I'm taking the slow steps
But constant road blocks makes it hard to progress
But slow steps sometimes better than no steps
Trying to figure out a way to live with no stress
But that’s on the list of impossibilities
Cause life's always filled with constant hostility
No matter how you look at it or try your probabilities
You just gotta climb up to reach your possibilities