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The Verbal Surgeon - The Statements

I feel inclined to illuminate any given space
Life is do or die; give or take never touch the brakes
I break fakes, plotting while I lay awake
How to move an army, strength in numbers calibrated arms on me
You laundry; get tossed and hung up to dry
Potent strains fuel thoughts to multiply
Natural born killer; born to survive
Push the falsified pressure to the side
Continue to slide to the next chapter; what's it that your after?
I excel with precision, know my role and play my position
Shatter the rhythm with the script that's written
Conscious of the divine system
Blinded to television
I pay no mind never listening
On a quest to better self for a proper pot to piss up in
Serve sentences on a scale that's infinite
Energy continuous limitless fluid penmanship
A new beginning couldn't bring an end this
Big ups to my brethren upstate
Hassann on the fly, Tim Tones touchin' wax live
Coop reppin' Genny life; Dubz is who it started with
Tugboat's my brother, so never question the partnership
Undeniable standing from what I started in
The progression and pages that I've defaced
This calligraphy recited leaves a fowl taste
So wicked; explosive no ulterior motive
What's presented is what you get
You get the dopeness; dangerous & omnipotent
When set forward in motion; remain posted
No advancements, sick sinister similes sprinkled over stanzas
Flow tantric, applause while standing
Energetic ovation; the crowd favorite
Most high like a 33 degree mason
Live from the basement, the real
Recognize when I say it; the statements