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The Verbal Surgeon - Trapped

How do I breathe when I feel I'm stuck?
Raised by a strong woman; I've never been one for giving up
Or giving in
Despite the odds and how my chances are slim
If hard work pays, then I'll see in the end
Until then, the struggle remains constant
Enduring tribulation, trying to escape the nonsense
And remained focused
But honestly there's some days I can't cope with
Life's constant motions
A young mind wrote this, that same nigga that you joke with
Has a mental that's highly explosive
Mixed with emotions an artist expressing real life
I breathe sunlight, illumination vividly done right
My only problem is that I care
To fight for another breathe of air
Thorough the struggle and despair
My mind is a weapon so in life I never fight fair
Who am I?
Just listen because I'm right here

I went left when I should of went right
Pedaling my bike solitary through these cold nights
Just trying to clear my mind
I'm blessed with sight, but can't see the light
So at night I search the streets pedaling my bike
Just tryin' to clear my mind
Keeping a steady cadenece
Trying to breathe and push forth
Remain calm and find a way to channel these thoughts
But I fear I'm at a loss for words
Reminisicng on the past and what's occured
The rising sun and morning birds
The faces I've known the places I've grown
The nights I've spent with company
Verses those that I've spent alone
I need to clear my mind rethink and adapt
Think before I react
Properly stratagize my attack
Progression is an obsession there's no holding me back
Lone wolf without a pack, just a notepad to scribble raps
I write and try to analyze how I feel
I'm still numb to sensation how do I know what's real?
Is there a cure to this insanity
Was I given life with a purpose
Was a destined path the plan for me
I'm far from an answer but with time I plan to see
What I can acheive if I close my eyes and make believe