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TIGA MAINE - Snakes (Ft. Marka)

Tiga Maine Ft. Marka - Snakes Lyrics

Verse 1:

24/7 I'll be chillin' wit my niggas
Talkin' bout these hoes who wanna be like us
In fact they outta our league
I can't even explain what have they done to us before
I'm better than ever
Will you kill me? Never
Iam a king forever
There is no doubt whatever
Get my tag wherever... Whenever
I made a song about EmTee and Gigi
Do I have feelings for Fifi? Aketse
I tried to work hard to impress my family
I'm killing these niggas
I'm feeling like emely
How can I forget
About what you did?
If you talk business
Please just take a sit
Somebody is coming
Is about to get lit
Now I'm a rap God
Everything is neat
A friend in need
Is a friend indeed
A golden key
Can open any door
Live a life of a Nigerian
Every shit I spit is from Italian
Uncivilized like a barbarian
Slang too much like an American
How can you fuck with a king
While you're pretending to be a prince

Verse 2

Got em talkin' like maine on the block
Robbin' the block
Not what I heard
Not what I seen
Not what I thought

Don't wanna be famous
I wanna be rich

You can floss with me
For gettin' a bitch

Tites on time
Life on line
Stay on grind
Mind on mines
Oh me oh
Stacks on deck
Racks on racks
Black is black
Back 2 back
I'm addicted to this sh*t
I flex around I'm legit
Got my OG from US
You look around you get buried
Better run back my nigga
Before you loose all your fingures
I left my homie in Atlanta
Man I'm sad but I'm blessed