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Tina Arena - Take Me Apart

Hey thanks a lot for invading my life
With your sweet earth smell and those soulful eyes
That see into mine to where I hide
Lost in space it gets lonely sometimes

You crack me up; I'm starting to splinter
The mother ship is coming apart
There's been a malfunction, I need some attention
Oh, please fix this clunk in my heart

Now I know how much you really want to
I want you, but you hesitate, don't you?

Take me apart
Dismantle my heart
Steal my love see if I care
Take me apart
Here in the dark
Kiss by kiss
Finish what you start
Though I'll never be the same it's ok...
Take me apart

Hey thanks a lot I'm feeling better
I feel like swimming 'round the universe
You inflate my soul, You got me goin'
Warp 7th heaven when you touch me there
Now I know how much you really want to
But you hesitate, don't you?