Tracy Lawrence - Summer Snow

You can't buy it off a shelf or learn it from a book
You won't find it in a store, no matter how hard you look
It ain't as easy as that

It doesn't happen overnight, it's not an ordinary thing
I think you would agree, this love with you and me
Is more than that

It's faithful as the changing of the seasons
Sweeter than a honeysuckle rose
Sacred as the innocence of children
And rare as summer snow
It's a sound of your voice
The tender touch of your hand
The trust in your eyes that makes me understand
That what we have

It's steady as a farmer's rain in April
Solid as a feeling in your bones
Truer than the wisdom of a grandpa
And rare as summer snow

It's timeless as the smile on Mona Lisa
Deeper than a miner digs for coal
Stronger than the mighty Mississippi
And rare as summer snow


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