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Trey Coachman - Gotta Believe

[Verse 1]
Just gotta wait
I woke up this morning like any other
Weird feeling in my heart, teardrop from my left eye dried
Trying to hide my pain roots to unknown matter
It doesn’t matter cuz what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Even though many people know and have showed that statement is false
And solve the true meaning of living large
While I'm in the scene of tha screaming crowd saying "damn why can’t that be me in the dream which I used to believe"
Cuz I've seen people's lives rise and vanish like Old Faithfull’s steam
Nature only flows in the direction which I DONT choose
Like I lose, I’ll give you a clue about bad luck that is glued to a person named trey
Who's life is already mapped out by what older people say
Which is a command, an order which I must stand like a waiter
But I can’t wait for people to make up their minds
I was disobedient and created my own skill
When I have mine cremated and being rebuild
I’m broken down piece by piece with a fire, 9/11
Body dead local hours, alive at 3 am, opposite of 7/11
I tried to be strong
But time seems so long

I just gotta
This is simply
A nightmare
Cause recently
I’m scared
For the future of me
[Verse 2]
It was a obstacle going through the optical elisions given from the way of the hospital
I need a doctor that I wouldn’t recommend to a friend the feeling of my life coming to an end
The first curse is the worst cuz your brain expectations burst and gerst on the nurse and death comes to mind with major thirst
That’s not the best part which comes next is stress from your heart to every lil spot on your body you don’t wanna test
When The mad doctor with enough shockwaves on the circuit to power NYC for days what will counteract with my brainwaves
Hell to the no doc I don’t want my heartbeat to stop on the second tic tock
Use that on downtown's main street to fry fish and ground meat
Ain't that neat and get like a creep in rewind to leave
Cause I'll rather die than poison my enzymes and let time laugh
While I can’t feel over half of my veins and shutdown like a power plant on strike for days


[Verse 3]
Feels like a horror movie cause it’s something to Scream 4
But I don’t wanna end up like Saw III
The black boy always dies but count out me
Cuz I'll die the reason for my appointment
I’m a delinquent trying to have a achievement in the circle of life
The circle of trust I’m out
I don’t obtain my expected respect
Then I crave for it for days, nicotine
A hicky on me from a girl that sort of liked me
But love loses its path when I’m on the route
Its like I'm suit to be alone in the dark
I've dart away call it a the bull's eye mark
If I could be Iron Man there wouldn’t be a Tony Stark
I don’t know what’s next reading the lines of the text
But ugh I see a brighter future in tomorrow
In my own cosmos no sorrow
Message to the holder of my soul go let it be free
Let it fly away to better place to become pure
Cause these contaminated MC’s get me in the marrow of my bones
While the new generation born grows up
Everybody grab a comb
While I roam with my three years here on this home
More graceful then a gazelle
While I sleep away to the notes of Adele