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Trey Coachman - Old Young Friends

[Verse 1]
Damn people change allot
And I would be the one person to know
Cause I've been long gone from my true home
When I go back knocked on the door
Wondering what I’m gonna say
Yo when it opens same name entirely different DNA
Taller, stronger, hotter, hair longer and plus the opposites
Those are my homies down in Metro Missouri and I'll like to mention this
Haven’t kept in touch in like 3 years
I’m an entirely different person I hope they won’t fear
The new me cause last time I had a higher pitch voice
Can't depend on identification from their own noise
Puberty sucks, and happens to all the girls and guys
Sick minded people come in from the most sweetheart-ed of guys
Don’t forget the girls but all a big surprised
Within the city of the arch and the flowing Mississippi
Friends from the most emo to the largest hippies

Back in the memories in St. Louie
With the friends I can easily call family
Short time but forever stuck in my mind
I in Missouri but in St. Louis theirs you & me

[Verse 2]
The class of 15 I heard is already hated on
Cause of the druggies up in the halls
Come on son
Is it my fault for not being there?
Sadder then a bastard
My drug free homie gave me all the dispatch, newscaster
Faster and faster the years I can’t savior
Thought I was cut close, but where's the razor?
Trying to see eye to eye with old classmates
But it takes allot more than I thought I could make
I'm not the same
I changed as much as you see in the pictures
The difference for you will be day and night
A scream from a whisper
Middle of 5th all the way to middle of 7th
I sorta remember the aurora
But mostly the essence

[Verse 3]
Yet we all have grown in are age
That comes with a little change
Hope are friendship ideally just stay the same
Together as one but as friends two
I’m talking bout my hometown yeah that Is you
Boo Halloween that’s a joke, inside a joke
When I got their first timed in snowed in years
Also with other small fear, yet we all handling are part
Remember when I cut my hair and broke everyone’s heart
It was harder for me then tough for you
To much to hold like a balloon going to explode
Let out pressure with the great stories we hold
Now time of the last curtain to be pulled
Thank you for always staying hot even when it was so cold