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Trey Coachman - Story Of A Lil' Boy

[Intro: Trey Coachman]
Yeah let's kick this

[Verse: Trey Coachman]
Story of a lil boy which learned how to rhyme
He was 11 when he knew it was his time
Throughout the studying of rappers, that he saved in his mind
He wrote down his own lyrics onto each line
This boy was wondering his unique flow that he’ll find
He was 9 years old when he did his first crime
Passing a mirror he didn't even know that guy
One day he looked up into the sky
Thinking how Superman feels that he can fly
In football he worried about his own size
He looked at the other guys then he just tried
He didn't make the top so then he just walked by
Them going undefeated 3 years which was a sign
He stook to rhymes with blood sweat and even he cried
From a beautiful sight that he couldn’t even lie
That that boy notice that particular sun shine
Like he was in a jungle that he seen threw a vine
His head think like nobody else of a kind
Of a species in his dreams he spotted from the side
Started rapping so quickly one look from the diving board then he dived
Trying to understand his own reason which he designed
Already cheated so he is unknown to die
Everything stopped and went in rewind
But when he woke up on pun his behind
It felt like in his dreams that he was blind
His behind feels horrible like he's been sitting on pine
Never felt low but now felt high
If rapping was signup sheet his name would already been applied
Needed lotion so bad 'cause my knees just say dry
If hip-hop was a lock it was already pryed
After two years he became clever and wise
Even when he was 13 he wasn't baptized
He was passing through old papers then he spotted with his eyes
Once he saw his first rap he wanted to run and hide
A first it was a horrible surprise
But at nighttime like Dracula this boy arise
Writing raps and then his mom knocked at his door and madly advise
He should close his eyes at 9 to 5
Always hungry but now craving fries
Acting like MJ's kids by having his own disguise
Only sometimes he felt like he's worth a prize
Sitting on the sidewalk watching rolling hot rides
Running through the house, shaking dads wine
One day he walked and felt huge like Optimus prime
But ugh, broken piggy bank losing all his dimes
Trying to get out of the mess, stepping through slime
Then he screamed to the world unheard, mine
Felt he was treated sorta like Frankenstein
His life is a plant and the good and bad leaves intertwine
For this boy this is the life that god assigned