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Tribe One - The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe from A-Z

(now it's time for our wrap up
Let's give it everything we've got
Ready? begin)

[Tribe One]
Avengers assemble and accumulate accomplishments
And aren't anywhere as awesome as The Age of Apocalypse
Beta Ray Bill brings the boom to the blacktop
But the best bounding into battle is Batroc
Clearly, Cable carries cannons in his coat
And Colossus could crush a car like a Coke can
Doctor Doom's droids double as decoys
Devil Dinosaur damages and destroys
Elektra is an espionage expert
Easily without even exerting effort
The Fantastic Four flew to the far side of the moon
Fighting for the future facing Fin Fang Foom
Galactus gathers galaxies in his guts
So the good guys gotta get along and gang up
Hercules hits hard; Hulk hits hardest
Hella headshots; Hawkeye hits targets
Iron Man's armor is instantly iconic
Isn't it ironic that it isn't iron on it?
Juggernaut juggled Jean Grey and Jubilee
Then Jay Jonah Jameson joined the jamboree
Kraven killed and kept keepsakes from the bodies
Kingpin knows kung fu and karate
Luke Cage is a local living legend
And Logan lectures young listeners learning lessons
Matt Murdock was unmasked in the media
Machine Man memorized most of Wikipedia
New Warriors, Night Thrasher
Namorita, Nova nobody notices now the 90s are over
Otto Octavius ousted from Oscorp
Operated by the one and only Norman Osborn
Punisher packs a piece and pursues evil
Peter Parker's powers are used to protect people
Quentin Quire questions authority
Quicksilver's status quo is quipping and quarreling
Readership is ready for Rom to resume
With Richard Ryder, Ronan and Rocket Raccoon
She-Hulk sometimes speaks to the screen
Suddenly Steven Strange is a sorceror supreme
Thugs get thumped when The Thing tells time
Thor turned into a toad and got tongue tied
Ultron's urgent urge to usurp
Is unparalleled in the Ultimate Universe
Voltag's vacuumous void is voracious
Various villainous versions of Venom are vanquished
When Wolverine was Weapon X he went after
Wendigo wandering the wilderness
X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor
Exiles, X-Statix, Excalibur
The Young Avengers were yesterday's youth
Yellow Jacket yells at the year's new recruits
Zany Arnim Zola Zap Baron Zemo
Zoom in the negative zone less than zero
With a zillion zealous Marvel Zombies

(Good, can you say it faster?)