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Velvet Crush - Window To The World

I see you up on your soapbox
I see you pinning your halo
You think and go through the motions
You think you know but you don't know

It feels so wrong I think you should let it go
You've been there long enough to know

Beautiful life
Wasted time
Beautiful dream
It's not mine

Your world to me is so hollow
You put them on like a raincoat
Your lies look so shallow
You think you see but you don't know
It's been so long
I guess you can't let it go
Maybe some things never change

It takes so long for me to not let it show
It's worth makes me walk away

And in your space I know you feel better
There in one place you always feel alright

You never really desert them
You want to leave but you don't go
See you draw back your curtain
You see it all from the window