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West Coasts - The Journey of one Young Gerald (Ft. G-Eazy)

These Things Happen: Release Week

Before his debut album, These Things Happen was released it hit number 17 overall on iTunes. the day before it was released, he played at Firefly music festival and did an event with the Apple Store. He traveled from Baltimore to the bay in same day to see his face and name up on a billboard in his hometown that his team put up just to make a statement. He then hopped over to LA for a party, a power 106 interview, and an album signing before going back to the bay for a free show for the fans because his success wouldn’t exist without them. He then traveled to New York City to do an interview with Sway and 106 and park before ending the week debuting at number 1, but the ride is still going as he hops across the pond to London. These Things Happen: Europe

Starting off in London, the men in black head over to BBC Radio 1xtra for an interview to record his amazing freestyle "Fire in the Booth" with Charlie Sloth. While G-Eazy works, his album becomes the number 1 rap album in America and number 3 overall, and is about to hit 50,000 units sold. Before leaving London, he does an interview with Tim Westbrook and freestyles 0-100. These Things Happen: Europe 2

The teams sweeps through Europe doing shows in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Cologne and back to London performing one last show where Danny Seth made a surprise appearance performing their song “Lotta That”. These Things Happen: Endless Summer

Young Gerald was set to play at the Pemberton Festival but hits a bump in the road as G forgets his passport in the bay and has to rush home just in time to take the last flight to Vancouver and the 4 hour bus to the festival which is followed by a trip to Las Vegas for a Bellagio club appearance. He heads up north to Seattle for a radio promo and into Portland for more radio interviews. He travels from coast to coast for a big day in New York City where he has his first ever appearance on Late Night TV with Seth Meyers where he performs "I mean It"/"Far Alone". He quickly goes back to California for the MTVU fandom Awards show in San Diego and a La Radio promo. He also takes a break to record with Too $hort for the track “Show You The World” These Things Happen: North By Northwest

Before kicking off a “Mini Tour” with Jay Ant and IAMSU! on the west coast, G stops in Salt Lake City to perform a show, where he is attacked by a mob of fans, as well as New York to spend some valuable hours in the booth. The Mini tour included stops at Washington State University, Spokane, Eugene, Bumbershoot festival, and Reno. These Things Happen : Drake vs Wayne vs Fashion Week

G reminisces when he travels back to New Orleans where he plays a show at the first club he ever played at with his tour bus parked outside. He plays several shows in about an 18 hour time span including Colorado for a secret show for Bud Light: Whatever, USA and Austin to kick off a set of shows where he is opening up for Drake and Lil Wayne on the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour which stops in Austin, Denver, and Seattle. He takes a quick break from the tour to do several appearances, photo shoots, and shows at NY Fashion week but it’s then back to Denver to play on the famous Red Rocks Stage. He jumps over to the bay to quickly headline his first festival, and hang out with his family for a little before going to Seattle to play another show for the tour. These Things Happen: The West

The west coast is the best coast. He starts off in Phoenix to play a show before going to Las Vegas for and iHeart Radio press and onward to Seattle for a show and some relaxation for the day. He then goes to Hollywood to watch the Celebrity basketball game, shoot the video for "Tuesday", where he makes a cameo, and to spend some time in the booth with old friends.

These Things Happen (Episode 1)

G-Eazy starts rehearsals for his crazy tour that kicks of in Houston followed by stops in Austin, Albuquerque, Tempe, and Los Angeles These Things Happen (Episode 2)

The tour stops include Ventura, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Denver These Things Happen (Episode 3)

Young Gerald takes a quick break in Austin for South by southwest (SXSW) where he performs several shows and parties to his heart’s content with some of his idols. He picks up the tour again with shows in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Toronto, and Montreal These Things Happen (Episode 4)

As the tour comes to a close, the team stops in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Springfield, Columbus, Carrboro, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis, Lawrence, and finally finishes after 40 days in New Orleans where he started his rap journey. To top it all off, he finds himself featured in a newspaper on the cover and hears himself on the radio for the first time. Gerald is known for doing what he wants including doing a surprise show in Rose where he is kicked out by the police but the show did go on.

From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 1)

G-Eazy's most recent tour was titled From the Bay To the Universe. Before starting the tour, G-Eazy spent time recording with E-40 for a remix the track “Far Alone” and when it was time to pick a person to opener for the tour, he was psyched to have idol,E-40, ask to do a tour with him. The experience was next level and surreal. He kicks off his tour in Sacramento and onto Santa Cruz, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, and Tucson. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 2)

The Young Jedi is up to his usual shenanigans has he does radio shows, buys a hooker for his bus drivers birthday, and thinks of launching a movie career under the name Leonardo Da-Rapper-Yo. The tour stops in Tucson, Albuquerque, San Marcos, Houston, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Atlanta. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 3)

G-Eazy once again experiences the “full circle” as he finally sells out House of Blues after visiting multiple times. He performs shows in Charlotte, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Madison, and Minneapolis. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 4)

The tour stops in Milwaukee, Des Moines, Lawrence, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Boise, Portland and Oakland, where he does a radio show before a huge blowout show where everyone came through and contributed to the show including The Pack, childhood friends with G. He then closes out the tour out in Ventura. From The Bay To The Universe: Fear & Loathing (Episode 5)

This is where Young Gerald really starts to live up to his villain persona. He has the dark clothes, gold grills and the crazy, non-stop party life which helps to build this character.
He takes a brief break between tours to shop at the finest stores, including YSL, and play a show in Las Vegas, before hopping over to California for a Power 106 Christmas performance and radio show. While in LA, he spends some valuable time in the studio with legends including Pia Mia, where he probably recorded their hit track "Fuck With U (Remix)", before launching his second leg of the From the Bay To the Universe tour by playing a show in Pomona and Phoenix. Kehlani, another Oakland native, opens the second leg of the tour. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 6)

A quick stop in Denver to play a show unconnected to his tour before picking up again Lincoln, St, Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Chicago, but while in Lincoln, he hits another bump in the road because his tour bus caught on fire and he and his team lost most of his belongings. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 7)

He spends time in the booth making new beats for tracks while stops in Toronto, Montreal, New York for show 1, Boston, New York for a 2nd show. From The Bay To The Universe (Episode 8)

G-Eazy waits in anticipation for the LA shows where he brings out huge stars before heading home to go out with a bang. He stops in Washington DC, Norfolk, Raleigh, Columbia, Nashville, Birmingham, Oxford, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles for two shows, before closing his tour in the United in his beloved bay, San Francisco. From The Bay To The Universe (The Pacific)

G-Eazy and his team goes international to play some crazy shows, do some radio interviews, and have some fun by swimming in the ocean and riding bikes in Perth. In one interview, he states that he knew at 14 that his is what he had to do with his life and ever since his mom has been in his corner. The tour goes across the pacific in Honolulu, before going down under to Auckland, Wellington, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.