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YC the Cynic - God Complex

[Verse 1]

I know this might sound quite unusual
But you should fear no man but me (Aha aha)
I roll alone
If you’ve got no place to go yeah
Then you just get down on both knees
I can have you feeling safer
I’m your one and only savior
I’m your maker, your creator
I’m your local undertaker
I’m the one who chose the chosen
I can bust this world right open
I can part the largest ocean
Have the pope when I have spoken

Right on, right on (x 16)
Three, two, one and...

[Verse 2]
I know this might seem quite irrational
But you should fear no man but me (no man but me)
I blurred the line between fake and factual, yea
And only death can set you free
You can lay aside the rumors
I’m the one and only ruler
Disobey me if you choose to
I can make your fate come sooner
I’m your kind and gracious leader
Fair and honest, oddly even
All those closet nonbelievers
Stand atop the mountain peaks and sing
Right on, right on (x 16)

You should watch who you’re talking to
You have no idea what I’m going through
You just complain I’m controlling
You should be glad that I noticed you

Three, two, one

Hear that music, pump it louder
I’ve been chilling here for hours
Only left to order sour
Kush and eat and take a shower
My decisions may be wrong
But my addictions make me stronger
I won’t be here for much longer
So while I’m here just cheer me on and

Right on, right on (x 16)


Right on, right on, right on

Niggas are the best of the people that were slaves, you know what I mean?
And that's how they got to be niggas
Cause they stole the cream of the crop from Africa
And God, as they say, works in mysterious ways
So he made everybody a nigga cause we was arguing over in Africa
About the Watoosi, the Muhanala, the Muchohoombo, and the Zamoonga
You know, [African-sounding exclamation] in different languages
So he brought us all over here, the best
The kings, and the queens, and the princes and the princesses
You know, put us all together and made us one tribe, niggas (niggas)