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YONAS - Be There

[Hook] x2
Cause she's got a dream, but no one to call
And she chases stardom like it's just nothing at all
The harder she goes, the harder she falls
And I just want to be there, be there when she does

[Verse 1]
She's tryna find her soul in a part of the world that ain't really safe right now
Her mom and dad and family are struggling for money so she can't really wait right now
So she packs her bags in tears, yeah, she's tryna escape right now
Cause she looks around the class room at school and half the kids can't relate right now
Like damn, what you lookin' uncle sam?
Ain't nobody eva eva held my hand
I don't need medicaid nor food stamps
I'd rather strip down and give a good dance
Leave the stage and collect my cash
Times are rough yea these times are brash
So even if I do shake my ass….. I get a pass

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
Yo, fast forward a couple years, and now she's in that in crowd
Used to be cool with the local crew but it seems she's got new friends now
Cause she used to be broke in a honda accord, but now she's pulling that benz out
Used to be clean, but now she's a fiend for the dollars, and the euro's and the yens now
Like damn, out in hollywood she met a man
To the naked eye he's the man
But behind the scenes it's a shame
He likes to beat her up and use his hands
She loves this man but she fears this man
So her plan is to have no plan
She prays to the skies as she crosses her hands
Cause she wants to escape but she feels like she can't
[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
So many women of the world get stuck
And most of the time man it's all on us
Look what I fell up in, trying to be a gentlemen
Guilty as charged, and I'm looking for a settlement man…
All these are is words
But what do we do when it all occurs?
Most of the time we just make it worse
Like we don't help out 'til we make it first
And we don't reach back with a helping hand
The girl in this story had a selfish plan
Found herself with a selfish man, and she couldn't save herself, from herself, God damn uh...
And the moral of the story is her funeral is one that I helped to plan
I never helped when I could
So nowadays I try to help where I… can

[Hook] x2