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YONAS - Lost Me

It feels like I can finally fly so high that I don’t need to run
I don’t need to run from it
Nowadays, we’ve changed our ways, you played your game
And I, I don’t need to tell you how

[Verse 1: YONAS]
Those were the days I loved so much
The days I was able to hug your touch
Fighting and cussing and then making it up and
That’s not healthy, but that’s so us
With you I feel like I’m found
Without you I feel so lost
With you I’m right in my crown
Without you I'm nailed to the cross
Damn, I feel so alive when I close my eyes and I vision the future
And I never wanna bring you down, want to build you up and up and boost ya
Checking things that you’re not used to, like comfort and honesty
And loyalty and all the things that make you say “he spoils me”
Let’s go down with a light so bright and all the rest of us keep on flight
We stay chill, we don’t need no height, I can do this my whole life
And the courtesy is all mine, 45’s and red wine
Put your chair back and recline and unwind, it's time

You lost me, you lost me, yeah
You lost me, ooooo
You lost me, you lost me, yeah
You lost me, oooo

[Verse 2: YONAS]
How many girls out there you know mistreated but stay with that dude?
How many dudes out there you know repeating what they only knew?
Vicious circle in life but I’m just trying to make it right
Have you fallen deep in a love and have you fallen to it twice?
It’s so real when you got nothing to lose and everything to gain
So you let somebody in and watch your shit begin to change
And you start to witness things in different outlooks and perceptions
‘cause your life no longer is to map, but merely a suggestion
But your willing to do, ‘cause you willing to breathe this new air at new altitudes
‘cause you put away all the people that ever doubted you
But the courtesy’s all mine, 45’s and red wine
But your chair back and be fine and unwind, it’s time