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YONAS - Love Me Again

I need to know now
Can you love me again?

(Verse 1)
Yo, in my hood and I'm burning loud
Turn up nigga, never turn it down
Oh you see my back? Let me turn around
So you can see the face of someone who earned the crown
Young king of that urban sound
Upscale club, all urban lounge
Same motherfuckers that didn't let us in last year
All wanna serve us now
Cause we making more than them, but we ignoring them
Cause I be soaring like Michael Jordan
And this is history, that y'all record and like
God whispers through my vocal chords and then
Y'all listen to our vision
Awh shit he brought an army with them
I heard he was an angel reincarnated
And he brought all his karma with him so how could y'all forget him?


(Verse 2)
Yo, I just need to know if y'all love me
Sometimes this life can get ugly
Like the face of someone that plays rugby
I'm crazy man, but don't judge me
You can talk, but please, don't touch me
That goes to all of my haters
I'm still in the hood, I swear
And I know people that owe me some favors
Yo, I know you feeling my style
There's a hole in the game and I'm filling it out
There's a heart on my sleeve when I kick it I'm spilling it out
I give you feelings you ain't feel in a while
Look at how, stereotypes? I took them down
Look around, nobody does what I done
I took a sound, murdered everybody in the game
Put them niggas six foot in the ground, and took the crown!