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YONAS - Never Let You Down

The English Architect
It's your boy Yonas, nigga

[Verse 1]
I rap like I might never see tomorrow
That's why I got a flow
That these rappers could never borrow
That's why I'm that person
People ain't afraid to follow
Cuz I sharpen my plan
To cut through verses like Avocados
You think you fly
Cuz you rock a Rolex with Bravo?
I'm steady scoopin' up
David Yurman diamonds and Movados
All the ladies in the valley know my steez
Rockin' ski goggles, no skis
This is simply who I be

Everyday, the pressure is on me
What I'm goin' through and who I'm gonna be
I'm trying to give God a reason to believe
I could never let you down
I could never let you down
Holy Moses, my flow could divide the oceans
That's why I reach the emotions
Of people who's eyes is open
But also people who's eyes is closed
Cuz they broken
That's why when I finish verses
They say: "the wisest has spoken"
I see the devil would rather throw me a stone
Than throw a bone
It's always lonely in spite a throne
I see the labels'd rather throw me they cash
Than invest the time and energy needed to make it last
I take they money, run with it
You can check my bank account just to see that I done digits
But when life gets kinda stressful I don't rely on my stack
I rely on the very people who always have my back
Let's go


(I could never let you down)
(I could never let you down)

(I could never let you down)
(I could never let you down)