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YONAS - The Transition

[Verse 1]
Dear lord, let me back in
I'm killing rappers
I know that's a sin
But I can't help it
It's in my nature
I'm a cool motherfucker but chill
Cause I got something tucked in my blazer
Put it down, put it down
Put the crown on the king of the underground
No Rihanna, Kanye or Jigga but I run this town
New York, New York, man I love my city all around
And I got the realest flow like I stumbled on gold
Everybody wanna pawn it now
Y-O, N to the A-S
And yes I'm feeling swaggy
Name one dude in the game with the balls
To dare get at me
Pull 'em out and I kill 'em all
Trash bags in the trunk and I fill 'em all
And we selling out show and we shutting down malls
When you need someone real who you finna' call?

I'm doing my thing, every single day
How about you? I hope y'all all see
The pressure's on me, and I feel it more than ever
But I still hold it down, aw yeah
Buy it, use it, break it, fix it
Trash it if it's causing static
Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it
Snap it if it's automatic
I'm so awesome at it
Don't let my swagger phase ya
I'm a cool motherfucker but chill
Cause I got something tucked in my blazer

[Verse 2]
And I told y'all on my last album the theory has been proven
Don't you feel my soul on every single track
Like that shit has been oozing
Yo Divine, we still here and we turn
The music to a massive movement
They gon' have to assassinate us
Cause that is the last solution
What it is? What it do? What it be like?
When it come to the law, pass, two strikes
Cause I treat that light like green lights
Plus I got a little knack for the street fights
Damn, baby girl I see you all up in my vision
So I'd like to welcome you to the Transition