Mads Lillelund Langer (née Langer Clausen; born 14 January 1984) is a Danish singer-songwriter, who became internationally known for his cover of "You're Not Alone" by the British band Olive. He is a multi platinum and multi award winning artist in his home country Denmark. The follow-up to Reckless Twin was a 2016 album featuring his hit single “3AM” which he co-produced with Jamie Hartman. Langer’s forthcoming full-length reclaims a certain unfettered spirit from his first attempts at songwriting. “I feel like I can learn a lot from my earliest material, because it was so pure,” says Langer, who began playing piano at age 3 and writing songs at 8. “With the new album, I made a point of getting back to what I first loved about music: those moments where a song comes together and you don’t really know how it happened, and it just gives you the chills.”

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