Michelle Malone is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born and raised in Atlanta, she started performing in bands and writing songs as a teenager. Initially, she would sign with Arista Records after performing around parts of Atlanta. Soon after, she would release an album entitled Relentless with her band Drag the River. She would also collaborate with The Harshed Mellows with the song "U.S. Blues" for the tribute album Deadicated. She would again switch labels, going to Velvet records, but decided to found her own record company, SBS Records.Throughout the following years, she would release a multitude of albums. In the 2000s she would release Debris (2009) and Sugar Foot (2006), with the former supported by a tour throughout North America and Europe. The following decade Malone would continue with Day 2 (2012) and Acoustic Winter (2014), with both having a combined tour. Malone's other solo studio albums include New Experience (1988), Dream (1994), Home Grown (1999), Hello Out There (2001), Stompin' Ground (2003), Strange Bird: Volume 4 (2003), Stronger Than You Think (2015), and Slings & Arrows (2018).

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