Suman Thapa (Nepali: सुमन थापा; born December 2, 1995, in Kathmandu, Nepal), better known as Swoopna Suman is a Nepali singer, songwriter, and guitarist known for his work in Nepali music industry. He began his musical career in 2012 by posting home videos on YouTube, which caught the attention of Karma Records. Suman released his first official song, K Saro Ramri Bhako, through the record label in 2014. He later joined Arbitrary Productions in 2016, releasing several original songs such as Kunai Din, Kasari Bhanu, Ma Timro, and Kurera Baschu. Suman is currently working independently and performing live shows in various locations in Nepal and internationally. His unique blend of contemporary and traditional Nepali music has earned him a massive fanbase in Nepal and abroad. He started gaining popularity after the release of his song Je Chhau Timi with Samir Shrestha in 2023.

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