The Nerve Agents were an American punk rock band formed by Andy Outbreak and Eric Ozenne (ex-Redemption 87). Their angry brand of music juxtaposed yelled, sometimes ranting vocals with distorted and often chorus laden chords, complex bass lines and fast-paced percussion. Their darkened style is reminiscent of Black Flag and The Damned. The Nerve Agents were noted for their frenzied, chaotic, often violent live performances. It was not unusual for a fan or band member to require medical attention. Often on such occasions Eric Ozenne would halt performances, sometimes escorting the injured fan to the hospital. Other theatrical elements, such as costumes and the trademark eyeliner, were commonplace. On rare occasions a guest performer known only as the 'White Owl' (taking its name from the theme of the first full length) would run across the stage in a white mummy-like robe. There are many rumors surrounding the band's demise. Andy Outbreak's involvement in The Distillers became a source of scheduling tension, as was the pending birth of Ozenne's daughter. The band played their last two shows on Sunday, December 30, 2001, at the Pound in San Francisco, sharing the bill with Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards. Members of The Nerve Agents are now/or used to be in the bands White Fence, Said Radio, Darker My Love, The Fall, The Frisk, Hudson Criminal, Model American, Fury 66, The Distillers, Redemption 87, Pitch Black, Unit Pride, Shadowboxer, and FIVE.

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