Mitski - I'm Your Man (Spanish Lyric Video)

“I’m Your Man” from the album ‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We’ by Mitski, Spanish lyrics.
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Lyric Video by Rena Johnson
Footage of Mitski directed by Ebru Yildiz, filmed by Mitchell King
All additional footage shot by Rena Johnson

You’re an angel, I’m a dog
Or you’re a dog and I’m your man
You believe me like a God
I destroy you like I am
I’m sorry I’m the one you love
No one will ever love me like you again
So when you leave me I should die
I deserve it, don’t I

I can feel it getting near
Like flashlights coming down the way
One day you’ll figure me out
I’ll meet judgment by the hounds
People always gave me love
Others were never to blame after all
You believe me like a God
I betray you like a man


Mitski - I’m Your Man (Spanish Lyric Video)
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