“Silverwing” taken from the album “Burning Bridges”

“Re-Issue 2023“ catalogue-campaign:

Music: Michael Amott, Christopher Amott
Lyrics: Michael Amott

Video by: Wayne Joyner & Dave Letelier

► Lyrics ◄

Fly with me on a starlit sky
I'll set you free yes, it can be
A dream unchased is a life at waste
Never let them conquer your pride
Our love is warm here
Like the image of a distant sun
This star will always shine
And never, ever fade away
Fly on silverwing
Fly with me. stay free silverwing
Seeking truths in spirit skies
Which one of you will guide me tonight?
The milky way tastes sour,
Has heaven lost its power?
So let us set sail on this sea of dreams
The moon gets lost in the morning sun
Just let the spinning wheel spin
And let your life begin




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