Cheerleader - Kailee Morgue (Official Visualizer)

Stream the song here:

Sometimes I have this dream
that I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me
brought back to reality
don’t you know I could give you everything

don’t wanna be the girl with the guy on varsity
yeah, I wanna be the girl with the crown
but I’m no prom queen

you know I’m yours for the taking
I’ll be here patiently waiting
I know that you’re gonna be mine
you’re cheerleader babe,
I’m always on your side

He’s so damn cool
I’m trying too hard and I feel like a fool
it’s tough to work through
cause you’re all that I see and I’m nothing to you


I’m always on your side
(you’re gonna be mine)

Video credits:
Concept by Kailee Morgue
Directed by @Ricky Himself
Shot & edited by Rushi Rama


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