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LORD OF THE LOST - La Bomba (Lockdown Version)

This is song 9 of 9, taken from our contribution to the first Online Musik Festival

Guest: WWF -Wrestling-legend, active French-Knickers-Satin-Pantie-Actor on Pornhub and Scarlet Dorn-drummer Henrik Petschull is polishing his bongo and conga drum heads in lightspeed.
…aaand appearing as a VERY SPECIAL guest: Mini-Class from the „On This Rock I Will Build My Church“ video!

Thanks to our partners in grime:
Stanford Guitars
Zultan - The Cymbal Brand
Los Cabos Drumsticks
Duallist Drums Pedals
Ahead Drumsticks & Accessories
Cympad International
Drum Candy
JK Drumplates
Line 6 Helix
Musikhaus Thomann
Audix Microphones
Hearsafe Technologies
Kryolan Professional Make-up

Also used:
-A 100% unnecessary rainbow blazer.
-200% necessary cock roach costumes.
-A super ugly harmonica.
-An episode of „How I Met Your Mother“ & a shaker egg.
-Running gag gimmick: Old german "Post Telefon" as a mic for vocals. Want your own? Check them out and purchase them here:

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