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Preacher In The Ring, Part 1/Variation 2 (Webern)/ Catenaires (excerpt)(Carter) - Bruce Hornsby

Selection Three of our series of performances from Bruce’s Nov. 2021 Deep South Solo Tour features an unexpected medley of three disparate pieces that reflect the angst and dissonance of Bruce’s song’s lyrical subject matter. Inspired by Lee Smith’s novel Saving Grace, “Preacher In The Ring, Part One” deals with a visit to a snake-handling congregation in Appalachia, no doubt part of what Greil Marcus pegged as “The Old, Weird America”. The other pieces included are Anton Webern’s Variation 2 and most of Elliott Carter’s Catenaires. This combo is generally considered one of Bruce’s tours de force in the solo context, a mix of boogie piano and modern classical music.

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