2Scratch - Pleasure.

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I can See u over there
Just make my move to play with u
I‘m gonna get u mommy
Yeah I’m gonna get u

If I lose my myself in pleasure
Am I up to play with u ?
I‘m gonna get u mommy
Yeah I’m gonna get u mommy

„Get u off my mind can‘t
Get u off my mind
Something in me tried
Hard to denie
Hard to be wise“


She already tried to ignore her mind

Supposed to Play but she ain’t even try
Yeah I know she got a vibe to play
And I know she got some things to say
But she never will be in my way she in my way She got

100 more shots make sure
No bitch can doubt

100 more shots for those who tryna f


Can have your love for a minute
Can have your trust for a minute
Just Forget your doubts for a minute

I can not lie
With you by my side
Could be my better mine
I won’t lose no time no time no time


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