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Trapdoor Social - "Prophit" ft. Fred Schneider

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Video by Matt Walker
Song by Trapdoor Social
Produced by Curt Schneider


You were left for dead
25 years ago
Before your feet could touch the ground
You been burning breath
Waiting on a miracle
Til a tentacle come from above
and pick you up and turn you round and say

Sing / tell 'em what you seen
The love stings / it isn't what it seems
I'm all steam / blowing up high
See it's all about me / and the world needs to know
So I'mma let you know / I will

So you fall back
Heaven sent so you're called that
Everyone listen up, yeah
I'm selling miracles
[And the crowd goes wild with a big loud AHHHH]
So if you bought that
Let me see both your hands
Prophet speaks and profit comes

You were left for dead
Miles off the road
With your heartbeat in your mouth
You been sure as hell
At least you think you know
What the top of it all looks like
And who looks down
And calls you out and says

(pre chorus again)

(Chorus again)

(more Chorus)



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