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St. Lenox - Teenage Eyes (Official Music Video)

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(Dwight D. Eisenhower speech, “Three Imperatives for World Peace”, 23 August 1956).
Verse 1:
Bird calls in a far field, And other
poetic expressions under damp stage lights, yeah
Cold miller high life, and bar tab tickets, hey Here's a cruel joke on a Wednesday night
There's middle-aged Tom come here from Flyover country, says he used to be in
This one grunge rock band back then, Neighborhood dogs wrecked his dad's garage Hung posters at school and
On the utility poles, hey yeah.
And then Tom ambles slowly to the microphone With this slow hand impression of a Billy joel song,
Yeah Allentown was a good place back then With its old memories and jean jacket tones
Tom writes songs about these west coast girls, Some cheesy Parkay lines and whimpers of love, Like he's stuck in a moment, stuck in a moment, Syrup confessions in a freeze frame stop,
Yeah don't forget, your teenage eyes,
I can't remember what it's like to see it shine like that.
Hey don't forget, your teenage eyes,
I don't remember what it's like to see it shine like that.
And see I still recall when I was a teen,
Yeah I wanted to be a writer back then.
Turn the words over quick with a spitfire rhythm,
Turn the world on its head with a turn of phrase.
Yeah I still recall a stupid year back then, When I wanted to be a writer,
Let the words pour out like I can't shut up, and Stare at the page without a fear in sight.
Tom laments with a strange expression
Says he always wanted to be a rock star
He's got a Gibson guitar on the living room wall That he plays for his son and daughter
And I remember that year when I still believed That I could always be a writer,
I had a fifty cent journal from the general store And an off brand Fender in the bed at night.