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Walter Becker - One in the a.m.

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One in the a.m.
Walter Becker, © 1996/2019

One in the a.m. on the coldest night of the year
Trucking down Lexington blinking back frozen tears
Thinking on the way it was the night you finally disappeared
There are heartaches that don't quit, girl in my life you are it

You come up fast gliding past a night where not much mattered at all
Dead end kids on the skids burning up and off the wall
Psychedelic rhythm drops the DJ's pulling out the stops
Eyes locked up across the floor I followed you on out the door

On the sidewalk standing there snowflakes nestling in your hair
I see the cruel wind stole your light lucky I come out tonight
Maybe you'd like to go somewhere you don't know you don't care
Girl you're going to need a ride don't you know it's cold outside

Little pieces little pieces
Mighty stabs and quick releases
All that's left is little pieces
Little pieces tiny pieces
That's what I say that's my thesis
Picking up on little pieces

There are things I don't know still and other things I never will
Like for instance where you are did you get a good price for my guitar
Was that a snarl or was that a smile when I surprised you doggy style
For the money for the fun you can't tell me stony one

Your sparkling eyes the night we met the way you smoked that cigarette
Your doomed angelic semi-smile Mona Lisa in the sundries aisle
Candles and the Warhol prints your indestructible innocence
Golden days and then the rest the worst as slammin’ as the best
Zero Zero Fahrenheit baby it's a bitter night

Little pieces little pieces
Every night the count increases
What we got here is little pieces
Little pieces tiny pieces
Taking off on random breezes
All that's left is little pieces

Crack of dawn wallet gone head feels like it weighs a ton
Guess you could have slipped away most anytime in the last two days
Records strewn across the floor you didn't even shut the door
You're still a diamond in my eyes counterfeit or otherwise