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KILLY - DEAD FACES (Official Audio) ft. AJ Tracey

KILLY feat. AJ Tracey - DEAD FACES (Official Audio)

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We made it
Lil Shawn Michael’s heart breaker
Still roll round armed and sangerous
Counting up these dead faces
Gave your number never saved it
No long talk conversations
Just business trips and vacations
Pourin white wine on occasion
Stole dat bitch then replace her
Crushed it then you ate her
If she a nat nat can’t save her
No call back I evade her
I’m not from here like invader
Skrt in something like a spaceship
And this raygun came with a laser
Overseas smoking on flavors
Kill la kill real stock raiser

(KILLY Verse)
Woke up today withdrawed ten bands and didn’t even need a reason
Selling out shows all across the globe and I didn’t even have a visa
Talk about cold, might rock a big coat but some how I’m still freezing
You don’t go no pole, ur shorty on the pole and some how ur not eating
She play around with ya head, I play around in her stomach
Yea there’s the hate in the air, but I don’t think nothing of it
I knew life wasn’t fair, so I had to make something of it
Only thing promised, death so dead faces keep coming


(AJ tracey Verse)

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