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• Release Date: 25th May 2023

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Above & Beyond return to the dancefloor with ‘Tranquility Base Vol. 1’, a collection of five heavy-hitting club records, calling back to their instrumental roots.

The GRAMMY-nominated founders of Anjunabeats have been quiet of late. Following six months of studio hibernation after their sold-out Group Therapy 500 celebrations at Banc of California Stadium last October, Jono, Paavo and Tony have been busy working on their next extended project. Enter ‘Tranquility Base Vol. 1’, a collection of five heavy-hitting club records, calling back to their instrumental roots.

Drawing inspiration from all areas of contemporary electronic music, ‘Tranquillity Base Vol. 1’ features five tracks debuted in front of 25,000 fans in Los Angeles last October; ranging from the rolling grooves of ‘Spin Off’, to the darker atmospheric techno of ‘VLEKNO’.

The name of the EP series references A&B’s beloved Tranquility Base alias, which was revered for its contribution to the trance genre, including iconic records such as ‘Surrender’, ‘Oceanic’ and ‘Razorfish’. The ‘Tranquility Base EP’ series showcases the current instrumental records firmly lodged in Jono, Paavo and Tony’s record boxes.

“In the same way the quieter moments on our albums have always been a major part of Above & Beyond, the bigger dancefloor moments have also been a hallmark of our sound” says the trio.

The full 5-track EP, ‘Tranquility Base Vol. 1’, is available now across all platforms.

Above & Beyond will headline The Gorge Amphitheatre on July 21-23 for the biggest iteration yet of their Group Therapy Weekender festival, alongside label stars from Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep and Reflections. Tickets are on sale now (aboveandbeyond.nu/gtw).

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