AleXa (알렉사) - Endorphine [US Tour Compilation]

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About Back In Vogue:
AleXa's long-awaited comeback "Back in Vogue” is a pop track with nostalgic sounds from the 2000s, harkening back to the spunky, confident vibes of iconic Disney Channel stars. Musically, the track contains influences from jazz and old school hip-hop. The track is an opulent reflection of tenacity, with an undeniable bouncy groove and addictive melodies. Composed by Jonatan Gusmark, Ludvig Evers, Moa ‘Cazzi Opeia’ Carlebecker (Sunshine), Ellen Berg (Sunshine) and choreographed by legendary LA-based House of Sam, “Back in Vogue” will see AleXa back in her primetime in a collaboration with the same songwriters and choreographers behind her viral hit, “Wonderland.”

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