Sarantos Journey to the Inside Official Music Video - Christian healing prayer instrumental music

I hope you’re enjoying my new surprise Instrumental CD.

This CD is for anyone who needs healing, whether you are Christian or not. It’s not my intention to try and shove religion down anyone’s throat. Whether you believe in God or not, that’s your own decision. I do though and I am not afraid to admit it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t coexist with atheists or non-Christians. Regardless of your persuasion, healing is something we all need at one point in our lives. We only get one life. It’s never perfect. And that’s ok. Live your life. Learn from your mistakes. Love one another. Love daily. Love fiercely.

I hope this Healing Instrumental CD can help you be happy when you’re not. I am dedicating this CD to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in the Chicago area. Press play to relax and heal. We are all here for you…


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