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Ryan Lott: Designing Sample-Based Instruments — A New Course From Soundfly

Learn to invent your own digital instruments and use them to compose more evocative, otherworldly music in @Soundfly's premium course, Ryan Lott: Designing Sample-Based Instruments. Preview the course for free at:


Inject a new dose of creativity into your music by composing with your own custom-made digital instruments. In this course, @Ryan Lott, composer and bandleader of Son Lux, will show you how to find and construct inspiring, unpredictable sounds, and turn those sounds into playable instruments. Learn to write music in response to instruments that emerge through experimentation, rich with contour and variation. And see what kind of music you can create when you move beyond the limits of traditional instrumentation.

Ryan will walk students through the techniques he uses in his own music and in scores for films including 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' and 'Looper' to catalyze new creative ideas and build music that evokes complex emotions.

This course was designed for producers looking for more control in their sound design, composers who want to add evocative and otherworldly qualities to their music, and anyone in search of an inspiring new tool to drive their songwriting forward.

Ryan Lott: Designing Sample-Based Instruments is available now as part of Soundfly's subscription library of creative music courses. Preview the course for free and sign up today at:

This course is exclusively available as part of Soundfly's course subscription, where you can access dozens of in-depth, high-quality courses on topics ranging from songwriting to producing, mixing to beatmaking, and so much more. Subscribe today to get learning:

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Special thanks to @Hanna Benn and @Deantoni Parks for performing and letting us use their samples in the course. Thanks also to Ryan's team at Meru, especially Hannah Houser and Michael Kaufmann, and the team at Round Table Recording Company for hosting our course shoot:


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