Rina Sawayama - This Hell (Live) | Vevo Studio Performance

Rina Sawayama - This Hell. An exclusive live studio performance for Vevo

No two Rina Sawayama songs sound the same. On her new ‘Hold The Girl' album, the English-Japanese singer blends cool choruses, gripping beats, and striking vocals - all cornerstones of catchiness - only to pepper them with left-of-center choices. Pop-punk pervades “Hurricanes." The radio-friendly title track devolves into an extended house breakdown. ‘Hold The Girl’ is reminiscent of ‘Born This Way’-era Gaga, if Gaga was scrolling memes at 2 a.m. Between the release of her critically acclaimed ‘SAWAYAMA’ debut from 2020 and today, Rina dove into therapy and self-help books. She says she arrived at a central question: “What makes you happy? What are your values?.” “Hold The Girl” searches for answers, and it’s impressive to see a pop artist look inward with such insight. Room for expression is key, too, and our London studio has plenty of it. Just like her songs, all of Rina’s Vevo performances look a little different: she head bangs through “Hurricanes,” square dances around the stage in “This Hell,” and executes intricate choreography on “Hold The Girl.” Rina always keeps us guessing, and we love the surprises she delivers.

Watch music videos of Rina Sawayama here: https://bit.ly/3pCYIxg

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