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Eddie Cochran | I Almost Lost My Mind | Gold Star acetate | 1956

Eddie Cochran with "I Almost Lost My Mind" recorded from the original 78 rpm glass acetate cut at Gold Star Recording Studios. "I Almost Lost My Mind", and the other side of the acetate, "That's My Desire", were recorded in May or June 1956 at Gold Star Recording Studios in Hollywood, California with Eddie Cochran on vocal and electric lead guitar, Connie 'Guybo' Smith on stand-up bass and Jerry Capehart box slapping. Words and music by Ivory Joe Hunter.

The other side of the acetate, "That's My Desire", will be available shortly.

Musical style: Rockabilly.

Video recorded by Antoon van Olderen using an audio-technica player model AT-LP1240-USB with an Ortofon 2M 78 MM-stylus and audio captured off air via a Driade D 71 MK II speaker. This video is a recorded live demonstration of a playback of the 78 RPM shellac format on modern day equipment and is shared for archival and research purposes.


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