Sticky Fingers - Someone You Need (Official Music Clip)

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I lost my friend
He crashed again I hit the wall
Had it all
I’d save my soul, but we all make plans to go out at night
It’s alright

I wanted to be someone you need
So why should we hide it
You’re looking at me
Wanted to breathe, I wanted to bleed
So why should we fight it
You’re coming with me

For your sake I’m ordinary
I’m cursing I know you heard me
I’m just a head case I’m alone
Give up let go

So I run the line I make you cry
I thought it be so easy, what a lie
I helped you, now you don’t see me no more

Don’t wanna sit I wanna stand beside ya
No time for talking or apologizing
No blood to bleed I couldn’t recognize it
Now we feel the cold in the summertime
That’s what you get for playing broken hearted
Yeah you called it quits but I was only started
I didn’t flinch caught in the crossfire
I told the truth but they you called me a liar

Filming by Adam Williams, Daniel Barnes & Sam Brumby
Editing by Sam Brumby

#LEKKERBOY #StickyFingers #SomeoneYouNeed


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