How Overcoming Our Ego Is Like A Child’s First Time Underwater

Tantrums for every smile.

I take my daughter to swimming lessonsEvery week.
Yesterday was time for her to start going under water.
She’s been underwater a couple of times already,But both were accidental and had her emerge coughing and crying.
Watching a two-year-old learn and discover the world really is something else.
They have this sense that they know everything,While they really know nothing.And it’s impossible, really, to communicate with them,At least in many aspects.

You practically have to helplessly watch them make the mistakes of discovery to learn.
I often think this must be what it’s like for God when watching us stumble all the way through our fallen lives.

Tantrums for every smile.

We are just like this in discovering the world beyond our ego
And shifting into a life of presence

The suffering we’ve been allowed to endure has all been to our benefit.

The pain turns out was the greatest blessing.

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