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"Shine" lyric video/Sean Hayes

"Shine" is the first single from full length LP "Be Like Water" out November 19th. 2021.

Drums Jamie Moore
Bass Jason Carr
Vox and Guitar Sean Hayes
Drums recorded by Liam Nelson
Mixed by Scott McDowell

I hope Charley you obliterate the big lights
Turn them on man fire up a million eyes
Keep them turning till these kids got more kids
Keep them burning till our kids kids got kids

Oh man you've been giving all you've got to give
Watch you rising got that charm you've been doing it
Humble on the street singing for a dime
Been there just tell us how you like it
We’ll make you feel right

Turn tumble on that up stroke down beat
Follow the rhythm till we are all one frequency
Open up sing a song tell us how you be
Every voice got a space now let it ring

Tell me how you keep believing
Is it just a feeling
How you keep dreaming
Bout to knock out that ceiling

Singing to an empty night
No trouble when you've got that light
Kind of like dancing moving
You never want the band to stop doing it


Now you’re like a rolling stone
No dust when you've got no home
Ah baby I'll be back before long

You shine when you’re singing