What happened to tour?

Ultimately there were two major factors that forced us to push tour:

1. When we booked that fall tour, we were planning to start rolling out music before kicking off, but unfortunately we had to push our roll out plans for new music until next year - with that came the heart-wrenching conversation of pushing tour as well so that we could tour off new music.

2. As much as we wanted to push forward, as a result of not having music out, ticket sales suffered. It’s been a very difficult touring season for everyone across the board and we would have lost a lot of money. We know hotels + flights had been booked and we’re sorry to have disappointed you. We also had flights, hotels, buses, and rentals booked that we ended up having to take a hit on.

Believe us when we say that nobody’s heart broke more than ours when we had to cancel. We’re sorry if it seems like we brush it off and make light of it - that’s just the kind of people we are in nature… We’re from New Jersey 🤷‍♂️

Attached is an email that was sent out to ticket buyers when we canceled the tour - unfortunately certain promoters didn’t allow us to email you directly so not everyone received this message from us. For that we also apologize.

“Dear Friends & Family

It is with very heavy hearts that we must cancel our planned fall tour - all tickets will be refunded. This is not a decision we make lightly but one we make out of necessity to ensure we are able to deliver the best show possible for all of you! We know travel plans have been made and we are so sorry to disappoint all of you. We haven’t toured since 2019 and cancelling this tours hurts us just as much if not more!

If it adds any small sprinkle of joy into this message we’ll let you all be the first to know that Album Three is officially DONE. New tour dates will be announced soon and we promise the show will be 100x better for it! See you soon!

Mad love ❤️
- A R I Z O N A”
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