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Sinkane - Cartoons in the Night Vol. I (Live 2019) Full Album Stream

Sinkane - 'Cartoons in the Night Vol. I (Live 2019)' - Out now

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00:00 Deadweight
05:35 New Name
09:01 Runnin' / Getting It Back / Slippin' Into Darkness
13:45 Everybody
18:26 How We Be / No More Trouble
26:28 Rhythm Nation
35:00 U'Huh
39:22 The Way / Lady C'mon / Nipple to the Bottle
52:20 Dépaysé
01:01:13 Ya Sudam / Revolution
01:07:12 Telephone
01:16:21 Favorite Song
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Album Credits
Songs written by Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab, Greg Lofaro, Jonathan Lam, Jason Trammel
'Rhythm Nation' written by James Samuel III Harris, Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis
Produced by Ahmed Abdullahi Gallad, Jake Lewis

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