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Alpha Blondy- Maclacla, Macloclo - LIVE at Afrikafestival Hertme 2018

Alpha Blondy - Maclacla Macloclo -
Album: Positive Energy
Live At The Africa Festival Hertme on the 8 July 2018.
Straight from the Ivory Coast comes one of the most successful Reggae artists worldwide to 2018's Africa Festival.
Together with his large band the Solar System, Alpha Blondy is the face of African Reggae, which he influenced crucially for the last two decades.
As a strong supporter of his continent's Unity Movement his lyrics aren't only about Africa's social and political problems, but also about religious topics - authentic and detached from confessional demands.

"Ouvrez les yeux,
ouvrez vos yeux,
ne voyez-vous pas ce qui se passe ?
Ouvrez les oreilles,
ouvrez vos oreilles,
n'entendez-vous pas ce qui se dit ?
Ce qui a tué Maclacla,
c'est ce qui va tuer Macloclo...
les memes causes, produisent les memes effets..."

Alpha Blondy - Vocals
Djul - Guitar
Hugues - Guitar
Koxx - Bass
Loran - Keyboards
Eddy - Saxophone
Simon - Trumpet
Marie Pausie - Backing Vocals
Shana - Backing Vocals
Charlie - Drums
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