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Laura Branigan - Interview [cc] - PM Magazine (1984)

Laura Branigan interviewed on the variety TV series "PM/Evening Magazine" in 1984 at the peak of her career. "You must believe what you are singing, you must feel everything or the public will not feel it." With those words Laura she talks about the authentic artistic expression of her essentially emotional self as the whole reason why she became a singer and entered the industry and on which she bases her relationship with the public. Her talent is not only being the owner of a beautiful and powerful voice but above all an innate ability to genuinely connect with feelings through song and performance and with them to empathize with her viewers creating an emotional bond of feedback in stage. She also expresses that she worked hard to achieve her dream and she expresses that behind the success there is a lot of determination and effort. Laura also talks about what the songs "Gloria" and "Solitaire" meant at the beginning of her career as well as about the concept of the song "Self Control" and how it was reflected in the music video which caused some stir for being considered risque.

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